Private Lessons

One of the most effective ways to improve musical ability is to use private lessons.

Evan is interested in finding students in the Greater Boulder area who want brass instruction. With four years of experience teaching students 5th through 12th grade, and more than 9 years of brass experience, he has been invited to many summer festivals and has accumulated significant pedagogical experience. This allows Evan to target his teaching to give students the best opportunity for growth. In addition to his current seven students, he has volunteer taught with Monarch PK8, Eldorado K8, Angevine Middle School, Century Middle School and CU Middle School Ensemble. He is also currently one of the marching band technicians at Centaurus High School. He will drive to your home to offer lessons. Please contact Evan if you’re interested and feel free to ask any questions you have.


One thing Evan loves about music is that there isn’t one singular goal. Students can understand how music is structured or how to play their instruments, but this doesn’t mean they understand music. Some teachers argue for the benefits of music, such as increased intelligence, but then music becomes a means to an end. Evan argue for music for music’s sake. Music functions as a form of self-expression, and with each student, the way they view music is constantly shifting and transforming. This constant growth becomes his focus, emphasizing the individuality of each student’s musical journey. It becomes his job, to clarify how they can achieve self-expression, and how students can better find enjoyment in their lives through music. Many teachers want to create the best musicians, and while this is a worthy goal, if all of Evan's students leave him with a better appreciation for music and a desire to keep it in their lives, then he will have succeeded.

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