Music has been a lifelong passion of Evan's.

Evan used to think of music as this perfect obtainable goal, in a similar way of achieving enlightenment. One day he would be able to play well enough that he would achieve something great, and that his playing alone could change lives. However, the more time he spends with my instrument, the more time he spends working with people who love music, the more he realizes that the goal of music is not to become great. The goal of music is to chase greatness, and along the way help the people he interacts with grow to become the people they want to be. Evan's playing won’t make someone whole again and it won’t save someone, but through its act alone what he says might help someone learn how to grow.


One thing Evan believes to be truer than any other part of tuba playing is that he is a musician that happens to play the tuba. Evan's tuba and him have a love-hate relationship. Its size is cumbersome, its pitch causes many to dislike its melodies, and the parts that most people write for the instrument are often uninteresting. Because of when it was developed, the only way to find music is to either steal it from other instruments or make it yourself. Even though this is all true he wouldn’t trade it for anything. For Evan, his self-expression has become the easiest on the tuba. He loves the way it sounds and the things he can play on it. It has become an extension of himself and with that he is forever grateful for the way it amplifies his voice.

Current Ensembles

Colorado Brass

CU Symphonic Band

Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps

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